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By becoming an RVN member you will gain access to our mobile application with Member Planet, members-only exclusive social network, events page and be able to attend our events and meet-up’s. After registration and approval, you will be sent a welcome letter with all necessary information via email with the address you provided in your registration.
NOTE: You will need to download and install the mobile application for your membership card, this card is in digital form.

Requirements for joining
Rules of Conduct

We all have rules to live by, these are ours. These rules help make our nudist events safer and more enjoyable for all.

* We expect everyone to respect the privacy of members, guests, and party host.

* We are clothing optional. While we encourage nudity, we realize that some may be a little uncomfortable at first.

* You must reside in the state of Oklahoma or nearby state

* If anyone in the group makes you uncomfortable, please tell your sponsor or party host.

* Public Sexual behavior or conduct is frowned upon, even among couples, and will be grounds for dismissal from the club.

* Gawking is rude and not tolerated.

* While some of us drink, drunkenness and rude behavior are not acceptable.

* As a member, you will be welcome to bring a guest, but you must first check with the party host.

* Always bring your own towel since nudist etiquette demands you sit on one.

* We encourage members to join landed clubs or one of the national nudist organizations such

as The Naturist Society or AANR. More information about these clubs is available with the links provided. –

By registering to become a member of RVN you agree to a free background check.

Safety and privacy

Safety and privacy are important to everyone, so rest assured that your personal information will be protected. We do not share or sell the information. We use it to perform background checks on anyone that requests admittance to our events before they are allowed to attend. We do this for safety, comfort, and peace of mind for our members and guests, including you.

We reserve the right to deny membership and access to anyone we deem a threat to others or to the safe, comfortable, and friendly environment we provide.

We deny membership to anyone on the National Sex Offender Registry and anyone with an active Felony conviction. Several of our members are in law enforcement and they cannot associate with felons, regardless of the type of felony.

Membership Fee

Explanation of the membership structure is as follows.

Free membership: With the free membership level you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Access to our website at
  2. Access to our events page, event registration and attendance of said events.
  3. Access to our social network community (with some possible limitations, to be determined)
  4. Access to your membership card via

Paid membership: With the paid membership level you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Access to all benefits included in the free membership.
  2. The chance to help support River Valley Naturists and charities by paying membership dues. (We plan to start working with other community organizations to help out in our community)
  3. Access to the full social network community and features with no limitations.
  4. Submit events you plan to host to River Valley Naturists to be posted on our events page and receive help with planning and organization of events.
  5. Ability to advertise on our website.
  6. Gain of voting rights within the River Valley Naturists organization, when it comes to club changes and decisions, event planning and other areas of the organization’s operations.

Further information:

The paid membership level will be paid as a yearly membership dues. the year will start on the day of payment received and expire on your anniversary date. (the same date the following year)

Membership price structure:

  • Single adult: $20.00/annually
  • Couples: $30.00/annually
  • Families: $40.00/annually
  • Students: $10.00/annually

A single adult is defined as a single Male or female or any other gender member over the age of 18 without children. A couples membership is defined as a married Male and Female or a married Male and Male or a married Female and female or any other gender match over the age of 18 without children. Families membership is defined as a couple over the age of 18 with any amount of children aged 17 and under. Student membership is defined as a single unmarried student Male or Female or any other gender currently attending school with a valid student I.D. student membership is discounted 50%.

River Valley Naturists reserves the right to make any changes to the membership levels it fills necessary at any given time with or without notice. All membership dues that have already been paid for the year of will never change, if changes are made to membership dues all paid members will receive notice via Email to the Email address on file so said member is aware of such change for the next following year. Paid membership level is completely optional and up to each individual to decide rather they wish to become a paid member with the paid membership benefits and is in no way a requirement or a obligation to be a member and/or be a part of the River Valley Naturists organization at this present time.

Membership Registration

Simply fill out the Membership Registration form by clicking on the button below with all required fields and click submit to complete your membership registration.
If you will like to make a donation to RVN you can do so under the registration button, we sincerely appreciate any and all donations.

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