Making nude recreation more fun and enjoyable.

History of River Valley Naturists

The River Valley Naturists organization was founded in April of 2015 when two friends highly devoted to the clothing optional life got together and decided to start a new clothing optional non-landed organization for nudists and naturists of all types in our area when the nearest resort or organization was a 1.5 to 2-hour drive away. The two friends soon realized an organization in the River Valley area was, in fact, necessary for the clothing-optional community and would greatly benefit the community. Since the founding of River Valley Naturists the two friends have gone there own directions in life but the one founder left took River Valley Naturists to a whole new level and developed our very own website, social network, public presence and grew the member base by 3x as River Valley Naturists started out as just a simple Facebook group and is now a growing community of good friends and organization dedicated to bringing the clothing-optional community together with events and other social outings, living by the naturist philosophy.

The naturist philosophy is simple: being nude is natural! Naturists believe that clothing restricts the enjoyment of many activities, yet we are not opposed to wearing them. There are many valid reasons for naturists to wear clothes, such as whether or safety while working. Naturists are not, as some people believe, always nude. To state it simply, the naturist philosophy is “clothed when practical, unclothed when possible.”

Our Organization

As a naturist organization, we do not require nudity, it is your choice to wear or not to wear clothing, our Organization is completely clothing optional. Although we do highly encourage nudity at all of our events. It is our hope that you will be ready to enjoy the freedom of naturism, and that you will feel safe among some of the friendliest people you will ever meet.

River Valley Naturists is a non-landed organization, which means that our organization does not own any land or facilities. Members and guests meet for nude events, activities, or social gatherings at members’ homes or in a facility that we rent for an event. On occasion, River Valley Naturists will travel to other nearby resorts and clubs.

River Valley Naturists is open to all individuals regardless of race, age, handicap, religion, marital status or sexual orientation. All we ask of our visitors and prospective members is that they conduct themselves in a family-friendly manner. Our organization is NOT a sex, swinger, or hook-up club. If this is what you are looking for, please go elsewhere. Sexual conduct of any form will result in a permanent ban from our organization.

Naturists are ordinary people who observe ethics and laws. The only difference is that naturists prefer to be nude when and where it is appropriate. River Valley Naturists is a family-oriented organization. The environment that we wish to encourage at our events is one of safety, comfort, respect, and acceptance where all present (men, women, and children) can relax in a non-threatening environment and participate without fear of inappropriate or unwanted behaviors.

We are always happy to help others discover the exhilaration and freedom that can be found when one loosens the restraints of society and clothing and breaks free from the shackles of body shame.

We appreciate your interest in our organization and we look forward to meeting you. If you have any questions please contact us.

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