Membership Changes

River Valley Naturists will be making a few changes to our membership program. Changes to our membership program will include “levels” a free membership level and also be adding a paid membership level.

Explanation of this new change is as follows.

Why are we making these changes? We are making these changes because River Valley Naturists will like more participation from its members, as with our current membership structure, it is very little to no participation within River Valley Naturists. River Valley Naturists fills that its low participation levels are due to not having members that are truly interested in our organization enuff to participate in club activities including the RVN community network and club events, although we do completely understand each and every individual’s situation(s) when it comes to our events that make it difficult to impossible to be able to attend. We are mainly making the change to gain members that are interested in becoming and being a member of River Valley Naturists a paid membership that shows they are more willing to participate. This will also give River Valley Naturists a chance to better determine and distinguish the more active members from those that are not so active and give potential members a state of mind of peace that we do not just allow anyone that applies for membership to our organization a membership just because they applied.

Explanation of the membership structure is as follows.

Free membership: With the free membership level you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Access to our website at
  2. Access to our events page, event registration and attendance of said events.
  3. Access to our social network community (with some possible limitations, to be determined)
  4. Access to your membership card via

Paid membership: With the paid membership level you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Access to all benefits included in the free membership.
  2. The chance to help support River Valley Naturists and charities by paying membership dues. (We plan to start working with other community organizations to help out in our community)
  3. Access to the full social network community and features with no limitations.
  4. Submit events you plan to host to River Valley Naturists to be posted on our events page and receive help with planning and organization of events.
  5. Ability to advertise on our website.
  6. Gain of voting rights within the River Valley Naturists organization, when it comes to club changes and decisions, event planning and other areas of the organization’s operations.

Further information:

The paid membership level will be paid as a yearly membership dues. the year will start on the day of payment received and expire on your anniversary date. (the same date the following year)

Membership price structure:

  • Single adult: $20.00/annually
  • Couples: $30.00/annually
  • Families: $40.00/annually
  • Students: $10.00/annually

A single adult is defined as a single Male or female or any other gender member over the age of 18 without children. A couples membership is defined as a married Male and Female or a married Male and Male or a married Female and female or any other gender match over the age of 18 without children. Families membership is defined as a couple over the age of 18 with any amount of children aged 17 and under. Student membership is defined as a single unmarried student Male or Female or any other gender currently attending school with a valid student I.D. student membership is discounted 50%.

All current members will be placed on the free membership level and receive the free membership benefits during the transition to the new membership structure until that member pays the paid membership level dues then and ONLY then will the membership be moved to the paid membership level and receive his/her paid membership benefits.

River Valley Naturists reserves the right to make any changes to the membership levels it fills necessary at any given time with or without notice. All membership dues that have already been paid for the year of will never change, if changes are made to membership dues all paid members will receive notice via Email to the Email address on file so said member is aware of such change for the next following year. Paid membership level is completely optional and up to each individual to decide rather they wish to become a paid member with the paid membership benefits and is in no way a requirement or a obligation to be a member and/or be a part of the River Valley Naturists organization at this present time.

Membership changes will go into effect immediately.

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