New Look


We now have a new look to our website, I hope everyone likes the new look. We were going for a more modern and colorful look with a bit more pop and bang to it and not so blah and boring like it originally was. We were also looking to add some other features to make our site a bit more user friendly with a fully functional sidebar consisting of a full profile bar that is usable for navigating our social network community on all pages of the website as well as other things that show community activity no matter were you navigate to on our website. Please let us know your thoughts on the changes with your most honest opinion.

What’s New

  1. A whole new website theme to provide a whole new look and give us much more usability features.
  2. New background image showing on all pages of the site.
  3. New sidebar with the following features.
  4. Member login on the sidebar.
  5. Profile navigation.
  6. Community navigation.
  7. My photos gallery.
  8. Latest community photo gallery.
  9. My media gallery.
  10. Latest community media gallery.
  11. Latest members.
  12. Online members.
  13. Tags

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